Simplified QR
Deployment for
Your Hotel's Online Guest

Simplified QR Code For Your Hotel

Engage with your guests using the Online Guest Directory with a QR code. Provide an easy-to-use way for guests to scan and visit your customized guest directory.

INNsight's Online Guest Directory QR Code

Guest Directory QR Code

INNsight's Online Guest Directory QR Code optimizes the way guests can find details about your hotel. QR code technology streamlines guest access to essential information, services, and local recommendations.

Enhance Hotel Operations with QR Technology

Cruise through our expert QR code implementation strategies as we detail a few effective methods for enhancing the guest experience and streamlining hotel operations.

Enhance Hotel Operations with QR Technology

Your Custom QR Code Signs Await!

Your Custom QR Code Signs Await!

Transform your guest experience with our Customized Pedestal Signs featuring a sleek QR code display. Crafted from durable white plastic polystyrene, these countertop wonders are not just signs – they're an invitation to effortlessly explore your Online Guest Directory.

StarKey Features

  • Tailored to showcase your custom QR code.
  • Sturdy design for long-lasting use.
  • Vibrant full-color digital print.


  • Dimensions: 6" x 8" display with a 2" pedestal base
  • Material: 1/16" white plastic polystyrene
  • Printing: High-quality, full-color digital print
  • Durability: Heat bend for added resilience

Let Guests Scan, Discover and Engage with Your
Online Guest Directory

QR-Powered Guest Services

Maximize guest convenience with a QR-powered concierge. Empower your guests to access various services and information from their devices. Improve operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Take control of your hotel's operations with QR code technology. Implement QR codes for check-ins, guest requests, and room control systems. Simplify processes, reduce costs, and enhance the overall guest experience.

Tailor the QR code to your hotel's unique needs. Whether for contactless dining menus, virtual tours, or service requests, we'll design a QR-based system that matches your branding and elevates your guest services.

Elevate your hotel's services with QR code technology. Enable guests to access information, request services, and explore local recommendations with a simple scan. Enhance the guest experience, streamline operations, and offer contactless services.

INNsight’s QR code solution will enhance
your operations and guest experience.

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