Deployment Options
For Your Hotel's
Online Guest

Unlock the Future of Guest Engagement

Unlock the Future of Guest Engagement
Enhance your guest satisfaction with INNsight's Online Guest Directory

Online Guest Directory Deployment
Seamless and Convenient

Our diverse deployment options for your hotel's Online Guest Directory are designed to delight your guests and streamline their interactions. We understand that every hotel is unique, and so are your guests' preferences, so below you will find creative ways to get your Online Guest Directory in the hands of your guests. Enhance your guest satisfaction and provide quick and easy access to vital information and services. Join us as we explore the world of possibilities in optimizing guest experiences.

QR Code Sticker

QR Code Sticker In Guest Room

Unleash the power of convenience with a QR Code Sticker in guest rooms a discreet yet accessible option for your guests. They can simply scan the QR code to access a world of information and services right from the comfort of their guest room.

  • Star No need for additional hardware
  • Star Customizable to match the room's aesthetics
  • Star Engage your tech-savvy guests with a simple scan
  • Star Affix a durable vinyl sticker strategically placed by the nightstand, desk, or TV armoire
QR Code Tent Cards

QR Code Tent Card In Guest Room

Elevate the in-room experience with QR Code Tent Cards. Placed strategically in the room, they provide quick access to essential information, services, and amenities, offering a perfect blend of utility and aesthetics.

  • Star Informative and visually appealing
  • Star Moveable to different locations
  • Star A handy reference guide for guests
  • Star No app downloads are required
NFC Plaques

NFC Plaque in Guest Room

For a seamless touch-and-go experience, NFC Plaques are the perfect choice. Your guests can simply tap their smartphones on the plaque to access your hotel's digital directory, making their stay more efficient and enjoyable while showing off your hi-tech cred.

  • Star Intuitive and contactless
  • Star Enhances guest satisfaction
  • Star Supports a variety of devices
WiFi Splash Page

WiFi Splash Page

Make the most of your guests' connection to your hotel's Wi-Fi. The WiFi Splash Page can direct them to your Online Guest Directory as soon as they log in, ensuring they have all the information they need at their fingertips.

  • Star Seamless integration with existing services
  • Star Convenient access for all connected devices
  • Star Enhances guest experience and engagement
Online Guest Directory URL via SMS

URL in Guest SMS Text

Streamline guest communication by including a direct link to your Online Guest Directory in a welcome SMS. It's a proactive way to keep your guests informed, engaged, and delighted throughout their stay.

  • Star Provides guests instant access to critical information
  • Star Proactive and personalized guest service and hospitality
  • Star Promotes guest loyalty
Online Guest Directory URL via Email

URL in Welcome/Check-in Email

A basic way to share your Online Guest Directory URL with a guest is simply by including a link to it in your welcome email at the time of check-in.

  • StarBecomes part of your welcome process demonstrating hospitality
  • Star Provides guest instant access to critical information about their stay
  • Star Promotes guest engagement
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